We Make Perfectly Matching Replacement Spindles or Turned Balusters


If you have one or more broken spindles in your stairway or porch, we can duplicate the original spindles to match the originals. Individually, these spindles will cost more than stock spindles which you will find at the lumber yard. The cost savings will come in replacing only the broken or missing parts, saving the entirety of the original staircase as opposed to replacing the whole thing. It is better to repair than to replace.

The price for reproduction balusters will range quite a bit, depending on a number of factors. For example, interior spindles which will be varnished require extra care and extra time in sanding. On the other hand, thicker, more substantial turnings may be less expensive than long, slender ones because they run more steady in the lathe.

However, cost should not be the sole consideration. Sometimes we need to strike a balance between historic preservation and other compelling issues such as safety or equal access. For example, you may have a business situated in an old house. If you are adding an access ramp to an old porch, the new construction will merge much better with the existing structure if the new balusters are identical, or relatively true, to the original design. This may cost a little more than off-the-shelf parts but ultimately it's a better value.