We Make Exact Duplicate Porch Posts for Old Houses.


There are many reasons why a porch post may need to be replaced rather than repaired. A porch post is a load-bearing structure. If it is broken by a fallen tree limb, rotted away or eaten by termites, repair is not an option. In these situations, we can make an accurate replacement porch post within very close tolerances. Now, some modern porch posts are barely strong enough to hold up a birdhouse, let alone a porch roof. You may want to upgrade to solid porch posts. If you are in need of a single post, we are here to serve you. 

Similarly, you may realize your dream of a gazebo or an additional porch with posts identical to the ones on your house. 

Sometimes, in the midst of renovating a porch, you may find that the building code inspector will insist upon a higher railing height in order to conform to modern safety standards. Meeting the challenge of conflicting design requirements will often involve compromise. Adept adaptation will call for sensitive respect for the original design. This is what we do. 

Many old porches have been removed entirely, sometimes for decades. If a porch is gone but old photographs are available, we can produce a close approximation of any or all of the porch parts, true to the original design. This is especially gratifying.