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Parquet border in a hardwood floor.
Here is an example of a parquet border in a hardwood floor.

Odd wood flooring
     This page is short and to the point.
     We custom make new floor parts with which to patch in an old floor. On a square foot basis, it costs more than new, standard flooring. But if you are saving a floor by patching in, you won't need a lot of square feet, so it's both economical and more friendly to the forest.

Here's what we need to make the flooring you need:
A short sample (cross-section) of a piece of the flooring,
An accurate count of the number of linear feet  required.
An accurate estimate of the number of square feet involved.
With this information, we can give you an accurate quote.

To order, or to request a quote for floor parts,
contact Daniel Prendergast at:  
or write to:

103 E. Commercial
P.O. Box 128                                     voicemail    319-253-4800
Hillsboro, Iowa   52630

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