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Interior fretwork spandrel.
A lively spandrel.

Fretwork spandrels
     Spandrels are fun! They make a simple statement of elegance, and they are easy to install. The challenge, sometimes, is in matching the wood with the existing woodwork. With exterior spandrels, this usually does not pose a problem, as most exterior spandrels are painted along with the rest of the trim. For interior spandrels we need to know what species of wood graces your home.
     We have very little design information online at this time for you, but if you have a photograph or illustration of a spandrel that appeals to you, we will be honored to accommodate. The only other information we require for spandrels is the exact width of the inside of the doorway. To order, or to request a quote for fretwork spandrels,
contact Daniel Prendergast at:  
or write to:

103 E. Commercial
P.O. Box 128                                       voicemail    319-253-4800
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