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Curved stair nosing.
This radius stair nosing provides a graceful edge
to this special nook for
a grand piano.

Curved moldings and radius stair nosing
     There are a lot of great products available for the old house owner and the new house builder alike. Most of these products, such as tile and carpet and other floor coverings can be bought "off the shelf". It is when you "go outside the box", that it sometimes gets difficult to find standard items with which to finish your home. An example of hard-to-find woodwork is in the family of curved or radius molding.
     When you build a special nook in your home for the grand piano (see the photo to the left), it adds something special when you soften it with a bend! If you have arched windows, we can make curved casing for you to the exact profile of the rest of your woodwork.
     To order radius or serpentine stair nosing, we need you to send us a small sample of the flooring it is meant to match. Also, we need a paper template or an accurate drawing of the curved edge. The template should be clearly marked as which side of the paper is the topside. The radius must be an actual segment of a circle. We do not provide curved moldings which originate with a freehand estimate of a circle.
     Likewise, if you need any type of eyebrow molding, that is, for above a curved window or door, we will need a paper template- basically a full scale drawing or tracing of the intended curve. We will also need a short sample or drawing of the casing or molding to which we are trying to match. If you have any questions, email us or give us a call.
     To order, or to request a quote for radius moldings,
contact Daniel Prendergast at:  
or write to:

103 E. Commercial
P.O. Box 128                                      voicemail   319-253-4800
Hillsboro, Iowa   52630

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