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           Line drawing of a classic sawn baluster.
This is a line drawing of a classic sawn baluster.
Cut board baluster. Sawn baluster design by Robert Martin of Southern Living Magazine.
An elegant design,  compliments of Southern Living Magazine.

More sawn balusters on an Italianate house.
  A verandah or piazza in the Italiante style.

A second floor balcony with sawn balusters.
A second floor balcony with sawn balusters.

Sawn balusters on a Sears kit-built house.Sawn or cut balusters on the front porch of a Sears kit-built house.

Sawn balusters, also known as cut balusters.
     Isn't it a lovely thing when a functional need is satisfied with a thing of beauty? Sawn balusters are as practical as they are festive! They give a lighthearted  touch to any home. In order to provide you with replacement balusters, or to make a lively balustrade for your lovely home, we need either a drawing or a photograph of a typical baluster, and we need these dimensions:
overall length of the railing or section of railing.
To order, or to request a quote for sawn balusters,
contact Daniel Prendergast at:  
or write to:

103 E. Commercial
P.O. Box 128                                      voicemail    319-253-4800
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