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Victorian porch brackets.
Beauty meets function in these graceful porch brackets.

Corbel for a porch in Strawberry Point, Iowa.

A corbel for a house in Strawberry Point, Iowa.

Corbels or Eaves Brackets
We are here to help you to preserve the historical integrity of your home.
     For us to make replacement corbels or brackets for your home, it is easiest and least expensive if you can send us a sample. The next best way to do this is to take several photographs of the corbel (bracket), and to provide measurements of the height, width and depth of the corbel. With these photographs, along with accurate measurements, we will have sufficient information with which to make exact duplicate replacement parts for your home. To order, or to request a quote for corbels or eaves brackets,
contact Daniel Prendergast at:  
or write to:

103 E. Commercial
P.O. Box 128                                     voicemail   319-253-4800
Hillsboro, Iowa   52630

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